Our company provides affordable web and mobile app development solutions to global entrepreneurs and companies. It is not common for people with great ideas to have technology backgrounds or expertise that allows them to achieve their dreams. Therefore, our team of experts from HitchLine is here to guide you to achieve those dreams.

With advanced innovative solutions, we will mentor and guide you to become a global leader in the technology sector. Our team of developers provides expert solutions for your project, ensuring growth and confidentiality by valuing your innovative ideas.

Our team is your trusted partner for transforming your valuable and creative idea into a reality by taking the first step in your development process. Why wait for your success when HitchLine has the solutions you need.

Website Development

We assist you in creating perfect websites at the lowest costs in the global market, making you the new industry standard in the spheres of your interest.

Android & iOS App Development

We provide great solutions for your mobile app ideas with the most advanced technology at an affordable cost and fundraising solutions.

User Interface/User Experience Design

A great website and mobile app come with a stunning interactive design that connects with your global users/clients, which we develop with our team of experts, turning your idea into a reality for making the world a better place.

Simple Steps to develop your Website/App

  1. Securely create and sign an MNDA.

  2. Brainstorm meeting with our team of experts.

  3. Document your idea and list its primary features.

  4. Pricing and milestone estimation with expert team selection.

  5. UI/UX design development of your idea.

  6. Website/App development starts upon confirmation of UI/UX.

  7. Website/App development ends in the fastest possible phase.

  8. Testing of Website/App with our experts

  9. Launch of Website/App to the global community

  10. Product innovation & progress

HitchLine Mobile App 

HitchLine is an all-in-one free global networking platform that offers various innovative features for users to connect, explore, and engage with each other. Some of the key features of HitchLine include:

  1. Interactive Global Map: Users can explore the world through an interactive map while ensuring their privacy.

  2. Anonymous Location on Map: User locations are displayed within a 1-2 km radius of their actual location, ensuring privacy and security.

  3. User Profile: Users can create profiles with privacy settings to control their personal information.

  4. In-Chat Translation: HitchLine supports translation in 135+ languages, enabling users to communicate and network across borders.

  5. Global Chatroom: Engage in private conversations with global users and expand your network.

  6. On-Demand Services with HitchDrop: Users can hire global users for various tasks through the HitchDrop feature, which facilitates seamless payments through the e-wallet system.

  7. Multi-Purpose Chats, Video Calls & Audio Calls: Connect with other users through text, voice, and video communication.

  8. Stealth Mode: Activate stealth mode for additional privacy and control over your online presence.

  9. Friend Request: Network safely with other users by sending friend requests and building connections.

  10. Task Manager: Track and manage the progress of tasks initiated through the platform.

  11. E-Wallet: HitchLine offers a global payment system, allowing users to make payments for services and tasks.

In addition to these features, HitchLine aims to provide virtual exploration, verification of places through global users, and networking opportunities with users from around the world. The platform prioritises user privacy and aims to create a prosperous global community through secure and innovative networking solutions.

One of the key features of HitchLine is the HitchDrop concept. It allows users to post tasks within a specific area, which are then visible to other users in that location. The user who posts the task is referred to as the Requestor, and they specify the service fee they are willing to pay. Other users in the area, referred to as Service Providers, can accept the request and carry out the task. Once the task is completed and verified, the Service Provider receives the payment, with HitchLine deducting a commission fee.

The HitchLine app requires users to enable their device’s GPS location and provide permission for the app to use it. The app always uses the user’s live location, and if they log out, turn off GPS, or are not using the app, their last known location is displayed on the homepage map.

Overall, HitchLine aims to provide a comprehensive platform for global networking, communication, and task management, prioritising user privacy and experience.